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Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

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Surname: Yorkshire Terrier
Alternative names: /
Original origin: Great Britain
FCI group: Terrier
size: up to 22cm
size: up to 22cm
Mass () : 2 - 3.5kg
Mass () : 2 - 3.5kg
Life expectancy: 12 - 16 years
nutrition: Carnivore
sexual maturity:
litter size: 3 - 4
coat color: brown, steel blue
coat type: tight, shiny, soft
coat length: long
Character / essence: brash, self-confident, courageous, stubborn, intelligent
attitude: Housing position with regular exit possible

Yorkshire Terrier - introduction information

The name of Yorkshire Terrier derives from the northern English county of Yorkshire, where this small-bred dog breed from the 19th Century was specifically bred by crossing of Maltese and Skye Terrier to support the people in the rat and mouse fight. Therefore, these dogs were originally kept by the working class in the poor industrial areas as useful and cheap to be kept domestic animals. As a highly talented Pied Piper, Yorkshire Terriers also made bets on how quickly these dogs were able to decimate pests in rat pits, the so-called rat pits. The Yorkshire Terrier was eventually recognized as an independent breed by the English Kennel Club in 1886. In the course of the twentieth century, he gradually developed into a fashion dog who has lost nothing of his popularity to this day.
With a shoulder height of no more than 22 centimeters, the Yorkshire Terrier reaches a body weight of just three to three and a half kilograms. Striking are his elegant appearance and his optimally proportioned body with a straight back and a small head. The fur of the Yorkshire Terrier is long, slightly wavy and with careful care silky soft. It appears in steel-blue color with reddish brown marks on the chest, on the front of the barrels and on the face. The small and hairy ears and bushy tail of the Yorkshire Terrier always upright. His dark button eyes give him a bright and alert look.
The Yorkshire Terrier is small, but extremely strong and obstinate. He should be consistently educated from puppy age in order not to develop into an unbalanced and groundless aggressive Kläffer. With loving care and clear rules, the Yorkshire Terrier becomes a well-balanced and peaceful dog that is great for both keeping in a family and as a loyal companion to single people of all ages. He is cuddly, affectionate, playful and child-friendly. In addition, the Yorkshire Terrier has a courageous and self-confident nature and can therefore be used as a highly talented watchdog who will loudly report any unannounced intruder. Due to the compact size, it is also ideal for holding in a city apartment, where he needs regular spout, because he is lively and has a strong urge to move. Daily long walks in parks should therefore be firmly scheduled in the daily routine.